New Patient Instructions

Appointment Preparation

We like for you to think of us as partners in your child's health and will work with you to ensure the best medical health care possible. Write down any questions or concerns you have for the pediatrician and bring them with you. If your child is sick, record any symptoms he or she is having, including when they started and their frequency.


Arrival Time

  • For your child’s first appointment, please arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete paperwork.
  • If your child is an established patient with Advanced Pediatric Care but you have updates to your insurance or other information, please arrive early to make these changes.


  • To better facilitate your appointment please complete all required forms prior to arrival. Please carefully complete our medical forms for your child and provide a complete medical history.
  • You can download, print and bring the required forms with you. Download forms.

Prepping Your Child

Prepare your child for the visit as much as possible. If you know what the appointment will involve discuss it with your child in advance.



Bring proper identification, such as a driver’s license, and current copy of the insurance card that covers your child.



Bring all the medications or a list of all medications your child is taking, including over-the-counter and prescription drugs, and include the dosage and strength for each.


Medical Records/Immunizations

In order for us to provide the best coordination of care, it is very important for us to receive comprehensive health information about your child’s current and past health. Therefore, please bring all previous medical records. Also request previous pediatricians to send records to our office. These include immunization records, growth charts, medical diagnosis notes, etc. Also, it is very important to update us on any medical care your child currently receives outside of our office. If your child is treated elsewhere, please request that all reports, including urgent care or emergency center summaries, X-rays reports, and laboratory results, etc.


Take notes.

Writing down instructions or advice will help you remember them later.


Canceling an Appointment

We understand that unexpected changes may create the need to cancel a child’s scheduled appointment. If you need to cancel, please our practice as soon as you determine that you can't make the appointment. Another patient can receive care with your advance appointment cancellation notice.

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